Photophan Studio

Photophan Studio

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Full Moon Event

Last night the moon was in the closest proximity to the earth. Everybody in Florida went to the beach to witness the event. Traffic was insane but the cloudless night made the view breathtaking.
From the photographer point of view I knew this needed to be a double exposure. One for the moon and one for the landscape. The Moon itself its pretty bright , in matter of fact very bright. The exposure for the moon was 100/s at f8 ISO 100 like a sunlight landscape- which ultimately the moon is. For the lanscape the exposure was 3.2 seconds at f8 ISO 100. If you expose the moon with the same settings you use for the landscape you get a pure white blob. And of course you need a sturdy tripod.
Because of the crowd, the crazy traffic and insane parking rates I just grabbed a couple of shots and run. I wished to get there much earlier but I got stuck in traffic for 45 min.
But for the next full moon I am planning to scout a location ahead of time, be there earlier and shoot my butt off to see what I can come with.

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